Transient dynamic tool is a great tool to support engineering work. The simulation model can be used to test e.g. process changes dynamically on the fly.

The Transient simulation model of a power plant or of a smaller system can be used for versatile tasks:

  • Process pre-design
  • Automation design
  • Detailed process design
  • Planning of operational procedures
  • Operator pre-training and re-training
  • Analyses and optimization
  • Process revisions

Examples of engineering applications calculated with Transient tool:

  • Design of a new high-pressure pre-heater system and its control system
  • Dimensioning of throttle of a steam generator blow-down system
  • Analyses of a new emergency make-up tank
  • Power increase analyses
  • Analyses of steam generator control systems
  • Process and control system analysis of steam condensers
  • Depressurization of a primary circuit with pressurizer relief valves
  • Tuning of level controllers of superheating draining tanks